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QuickTrip: Wadi bani Ghafir Ruins

Jan 2, 2013 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Al Batinah, Location, QuickTrips, Ruins, Village

Bani Ghafir

Wadi bani Ghafir (وادي بني غافر) is a small village located between Rustaq and Ibri.

We stopped in Wadi bani Ghafir on our way to Ibri (where we visited Ibri Castle, Bat Necropolis and the unique Wadi Dham). Although we heard the wadi is a good camping spot and there is plenty of water during rainfall, we didn’t really get the time to explore it. What draw our attention was the old town ruins as we drove past and we had to visit!

If you happen to drive on the Ibri-Rustaq road, and like to have a few snaps of old town ruins, then consider having a stop in Wadi bani Ghafir. However, we have to warn you that unfortunately the place is not maintained at all and somehow has become a rubbish dump for people to throw their things that. It was not easy to walk around and seeing this much rubbish thrown around, but we still managed a few good shots.

Bani Ghafir

Bani Ghafir

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Besides the old town ruins we did not really get to explore the village any more. Have you visited Wadi bani Ghafir before? What do you think of the place?

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