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Ibri Castle

Jan 6, 2013 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Al Dhahirah, Fort, Historical Attractions

Ibri Castle (قلعة عبري)  is one of the most significant castles in Al Dhahira governante. It was originally built by the Nabhan Tribe around 500 years ago and completed by a Sheikh from the Yaqoubi Tribe in that same century. The castle was renovated in the early 90s and opened to the public after renovation in the year 1995.

The compound of Ibri Castle has a number of buildings including a cubic building on the right side and a mosque on the left side. The mosque of Ibri Castle is one of the oldest mosques still in use in the country. One of the unique features of the castle is the fact that it has many gates, each one of them is called a “Sabah” and used to be used for a different purpose. In addition to its defence uses, specific sections of the castle compound used to be the residence of the Wali of Ibri in ancient times and the residence of the judge of the village. Ibri Castle also has two wells and a horse stable.

Even though Ibri Castle has been renovated for a very long time, it still remains a raw visiting experience with no labels or information in all sections of the castle. The opening hours of the castle can also be unpredictable. However, it is still a worthwhile experience if you are visiting Ibri due to the beautiful architecture of the fort and its display of ancient Omani military style structures. Visiting Ibri Castle can make a good part for a trip to Ibri that includes visiting Bat Necropolis or Wadi Dhum.

Ibri Castle gets used for official functions during the national day and similar events. The mosque of the castle is also in regular use by the residents of Ibri, so it is important to be dressed up respectfully if you decide to enter the mosque section of the castle and it is recommended that you do not go at all to the moseque during the prayer times if you are not Muslim.

There are many different roads to take to visit Ibri if you are coming from Muscat, such roads includes the Muscat-Nizwa-Ibri road and the Muscat-Rusqat-Ibri Road, regardless of which one you use, once you get to Ibri you would see the fort signs directing you to the old market, if you follow the signs you should have no difficulties finding the castle.

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