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Quickpost: Tanuf Ruins

OmanTripper - Tanuf Ruins

Tanuf (تـنـوف) is a village placed almost half-way between two of the largest cities in Al Dakhiliya region of Oman: Nizwa and Bahla. It is probably most famous for the Tanuf drinking water brand, bottled in a factory nearby from the fresh water at Wadi Tanuf, but it is also famous for the historical ruins of the village, Tanuf Ruins (أطـلال تـنـوف).

Tanuf Ruins-10

Tanf ruins is a place we stop by almost every time we are traveling in Al Dakhiliya, because of its wonderful, almost romantic location against a backdrop of Al Hajar mountains, and the sense of awe it instills for visitors exploring the remnants of these ruins. This is in addition, of course, to the fantastic opportunities it provides for taking lots of photos.

Tanuf Ruins-6 Tanuf Ruins-2

A little bit of history on Tanuf ruins, as we learnt from one of its old residents. These ruins were a fully functional village, inhabited by the current residents of Tanuf village all the way until the 1950s. Life was simpler back then with very little of the current luxuries we are accustomed to, as was the case to most parts of Oman prior to the renaissance. However, the village was damaged and abandoned during the Jabal Akhdar Wars in the 1950s, and the only thing remaining are the ruins you see today.

Tanuf Ruins-4Tanuf Ruins-1  Tanuf Ruins-5

If you are in Al Dakhiliyah region for whatever reason, we highly recommend you stop over for a stroll through Tanuf Ruins! You will not disappointed!

How to get to Tanuf ruins:

Tanuf village is almost half-way between Nizwa and Bahla, and once you take the road into the village you won’t miss Tanuf ruins right at the edge of the mountain range and near the entrance of the wadi.

View Tanuf Ruins in a larger map

Tanuf Ruins-8Tanuf Ruins-7 Tanuf Ruins-9

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  • Hello

    Beautiful ruins, would like to go there sometime soon
    Do you need a 4WD?


    • Hi Mira,

      You should! You don’t need a 4WD to get there, its just off the paved road heading to Tanuf village! However, you will need a 4WD if you want to explore the wadi beyond the ruins (Tanuf Wadi, which I should write a blog-post about sometime!).


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